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AgroFarm, an NFT game that will change the way you earn money while having fun playing with other people around the world.
The AgroFarm game was developed by the AgroCash group (AGCX) and is inspired by the Happy Harvest game, where everyone played and built their own farms and plantations.
The big difference of the NFT AgroFarm game is that your harvest will be automatically converted to the game currency, generating expressive and consistent gains.
The game comes with 4 crops (Soy, Corn, Rice and Lettuce) thus having 4 initial cultivation options, gradually increasing your profit potential in the game.
The video game industry has an annual revenue of approximately 200 billion dollars with an average volume of 2 billion Play-to-Earn players, or more than 25% of the world population.
The global market expects that between 2020 and 2024 the player-to-Earn market will grow by more than 12%, reaching a total of 119 billion dollars in the foreseen period.
It was precisely with this colossal market in mind that the AgroCash developers created the AgroFarm game, using blockchain technology that will provide holders with daily gains in the planned stakeout model for the next game updates, where their farm owners will have a passive income, in addition to gains from hunting crops.
In addition to the impressive harvest winnings, players will also be able to play at AgroFarm's casino, further increasing their chances of profiting from the fun.
We are a solid company, focused on the financial market of cryptocurrencies and NFTs games. Besides, we are also a serious and responsible company, concerned with the environment and its ecosystem, which is directly linked to our proposal for global agribusiness with its products and satellite services.
Come earn money having fun, login connecting your crypto-wallet and earn money with AgroFarm.
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