AgroFarm EN
AgroFarm comes with the mission of consolidating more and more the AgroCash name and brand, bringing seriousness and increasing the ecosystem around that name.
As well as AgroPay, another ecosystem project, we have AgroFarm that will reach a greater number of people because it is interactive, and dynamic and also fun. AgroPay is a solution for the industry responsability and a large part of the success of the economic indices of the world's economies. In Brazil, AgroCash is already working.
AgroFarm is a project directly linked to AgroCash and we intend to expand our business to various branches of cryptocurrency and not only regular investors. In the future there will be interactions for xAGC and AgroFarm holders so that the economy and ecosystem of the two projects intertwine and grow in harmony.
Besides that, Agro Farm is intented to be one of the biggest NFT projects in the market. Since it's not only about the NFT game itself, it's about a bigger project that is already running across the world. We want to make sure to all our investors that our focus is a safe and profitable game. Which you will not only play to earn, but you will have fun and play with your friends. In the future there will be a pvp mode that is going to make the game even more competitive.
Take a look in our roadmap for more informations.
Last modified 6mo ago
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